R17 – Remembering Sir Knight Robert Joseph Lester (Joe) Labelle


Article: R17 – Remembering Sir Knight Robert Joseph Lester (Joe) Labelle

R17 – Remembering Sir Knight Robert Joseph Lester (Joe) Labelle

Région 17 – Ville-Marie

21 avril 2022

Robert Joseph Lester (Joe) Labelle

September 30, 1931 – March 26, 2022

Joe was not just a friend, or a family man, he was also a knight, a Sir Knight. His involvement in the Order was no half measure and in 47 years of service, he accomplished more than most.

He served as Grand Knight of not one council, but three (Montreal 284 and Laurentian 6497) and as the founding Grand Knight for St. Brendan’s council 14693. To be part of starting a new council is great however, Joe has the distinction of founding three new councils – Lake of Two Mountain 8634 and the last, Our Lady of Pompei 17260 – one assembly – J. Adrian Chabassol 2252- which he served as Faithful Navigator and one Squires’ Circle – Archangel Uriel 5443 – of which he served as the Chief Councillor.

He was also a past District Deputy and Conferring Officer, bringing in his own style to these positions. The countless knights who he advanced in the Order, owe him much. These functions he took to heart and said if it was not for his wife Nora (2015), he would never have been made Master of District 12.

He once told me, that as a Sir Knight, “People look at you differently, they expect you to live up to the Order’s ideals. You are the face of the Order”. Joe was Honoured one last, when the Knights of Columbus Quebec bestowed on him the “L’Ordre du Mérite Colombien”, for his contributions to the order.

He leaves a void with his Family and with the Order. Joe planted enough seeds of which the fruits of his labour will be seen and felt for many generations to come.

Vivat Jesus. Sir Knight Joseph Labelle.

Vittorio Di Lena

Regional Director – Region 17 Ville-Marie


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