R17 – Sharing the Light of Hope for the Lighthouse


Article: R17 – Sharing the Light of Hope for the Lighthouse

R17 – Sharing the Light of Hope for the Lighthouse

Région 17 – Ville-Marie

25 février 2022

Annual parade to Le Phare Respite Care Home Brightens the Holidays for many patients.

The 2nd edition of the Bright Lights Bright Eyes Campaign, organized by

Sir Brother Knight Rocco Speranza of St Brendan’s Council 14693 and J Adrian Chabassol ASM 2252, and family friend Police Cadet Marco Ceronni, aimed to spread the messages of joy, hope, light, peace, and love to the ill patients, their families, and staff.

The parade was comprised of Knights, Montreal Emergency Services (SPVM, SIM, STM, CN, Urgences Sante), Montreal City Officials, and after checking his list twice,

Santa Claus. Santa delivered presents and cards to all the young patients


Since December 2020, spreading the true meaning of Christmas to young patients was an objective, Sir.Br. Speranza decided to take on annually. Supported by his council, he wanted to do something meaningful to cheer up the patients who on good days cannot leave the respite care facilities. The pandemic has made it wore . “If the children can not go and visit Santa, we made sure Santa visited them “ noted Br Speranza “Organizing the parade was a labour of compassion and hope. Who doesn’t enjoy a parade with Santa, lights, sirens, and gifts” This time of year is hard for many, and the pandemic makes things extremely difficult, so we are connecting the community with the staff and patients at The Lighthouse?


A little light via this parade for the young patients truly aids in spreading the true meaning of Christmas. The lights of love, hope, peace, and joy were clearly visible through all the smiles, on all the young faces.  “Seeing the children’s bright eyes and faces light up is a very warming and emotional moment for all ” noted Br. Speranza. It truly moved us all.

A big thank you to Montreal Emergency Services for taking part. Santa Claus for delivering presents, and the Knights of Columbus for aiding Santa with the toys, and craft items.


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