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Suzanne Desrochers Unite for this cause

Gentlemen Knights,
During the next year, I ask you to support your wives, your partners in the fundraising that I organize for the benefit of Relay for Life ... It is me who walks on their behalf. And it is important to understand the importance for all to unite for this cause so that your Order of the Knights of Columbus can have all the visibility it is entitled to have. In this way, the provincial donation will be made at the same time as all the other relays and everything will be remitted to the Canadian Cancer Society. So, whether the money is raised in Gaspé or Montreal, donations will all be given together on June 20, 2015. This gives us time to raise a good amount. All kinds of activities are accepted and even recommended. Your imagination is the limit of what you are allowed to do.

We will get back to you with specific instructions that will be sent to each council during the summer. What is important is to begin fundraising.

Cancer has no friends, no one is immune. We must all unite to fund research and so fight this scourge in our own way.

Thank you in advance to motivate your wives, your partners so that they join with me to make this fundraiser a success.


The President of the Feminine Committee
Suzanne Desrochers

Relay for life