Youth Activities

We would like to make our youth of today aware of our movement... At what point are we there and how are we doing in this respect in order to renew our movement with younger members? At what point are we listening to new ideas from our young brothers within our Councils? Can we make our movement a more interesting vehicle to recruit more young people today?


When we speak of a non-profit organization composed of volunteer members such as the Knights of Columbus, we must evolve and be in tune with today's youth to create a new and renewed generation for a dynamic and competent renewal.

Today, the typical profile of a young man of 18 to 40 years is characterized by the fact that he starts his life with a spouse, child, with very demanding work load, long working hours involving sometimes weekends. In addition, activities and entertainment around his friends probably come together very infrequently. So we see that this period of free time is rather precarious and limited for a young person who wants to get involved as volunteers, but must provide for his needs and those of his family.

In addition, interests, talents and experience are hardly met unanimously especially with intergenerational groups in Councils ... Our young people can aspire to change, to new ideas and some even want to create projects that will attract friends who are not Knights of Columbus members. It must give free rein to new ideas and keep those activities that are still successful for Councils.

Therefore, knowing when to leave the reins of responsibility to someone else and to let someone younger take over and to then guide and support that younger person becomes an art, not a game of power in this case ... We must therefore take note that we must delegate and teach! Provide them with interesting roles and positions and above all do not be afraid of their strengths and talents and help them navigate through their Colombian pilgrimage.

Head of youth program