R17 – Word from the Regional Director


Article: R17 – Word from the Regional Director

R17 – Word from the Regional Director

Région 17 – Ville-Marie

10 juin 2024

Knights of Columbus (Quebec)

Worthy Brother Knights,

June 10, 2024

Our Colombian year is coming to an end and I am glad to see that we have finally made the turn and left COVID behind us. It as been a trying time for all councils and I’m glad that most of us have made it through renewed.

This year has given us many reasons to be grateful! We have had a 25% increase in membership in addition several councils have had amazing fundraisers with over $40,000 raised and counting. This is above and beyond the man hours to make it all happen. Several worthwhile charities were helped as a result, Knights making a difference. This year was also our best Campagne des Oeuvres effort rivaling even pre COVID numbers. The region sold 1778 books. all thanks to your hard work. We’ve raised the bar for next year and I truly believe we’re up to the challenge.

We spoke of implementing the COR program at our regional Congress where two councils took up the challenge, I encourage you to reach out to either council 6096 West Island and or council 13792 Saint Thomas a Becket to find out what their approach is and how they may be able to help you start this program in your own councils.

We’ve also seen great success on the spiritual front. This year, 9 of 14 councils held a Memorial Mass for our brother knights on November 26, 2023. I am glad that so many of you chose to honor our fallen brothers by organizing this event. I truly hope next year on the last Sunday of November 2024 we will be able to have all councils celebrate our brothers.

I wish to thank you for the opportunity that you gave me and the trust that you showed when you asked me to be your regional director. The last three years have been a wonderful experience. I truly appreciate the support and guidance that you have given me. For allowing me the privilege of serving you as regional director I wish to thank you.

Vivat Jesus

Vittorio Di Lena


Vittorio Di Lena
Knights of Columbus (Quebec)
Regional Director – Region 17 Ville-Marie 514.993.3046 /

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible” Saint Francis of Assisi


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