R17 – Word from the Regional Director


Article: R17 – Word from the Regional Director

R17 – Word from the Regional Director

Région 17 – Ville-Marie

10 novembre 2023

My Brother Knights and Friends,
November 10, 2023

Region 17 was instituted in the year 2014, we are the youngest region in the State of Quebec, the name chosen was Southwestern Quebec, incorporating the 13 English speaking councils in the greater Montreal area. We have councils in Montreal, Laval, South shore and Ile Perrot. Our councils are as diversified as our geography. With members of course being English, Irish, French, First Nation, Italian, Philippines, Polish, and various other groups. In our short existence we have been Honoured several times with the Jean B. Migneault Award for highest increase in membership.

In 2020 we renamed our region to better reflected us. Since the name Montreal, was taken by our sister Region 7, which mentored our councils from the beginning, it was decided that since our region was entrusted to our Holy Mother, what better name then the original name of Montreal, Ville-Marie. We may be the youngest and smallest of the regions, with 14 councils and 990 members, but what we lack in years and members is more then offset by our enthusiasm.

We would like to extend an invitation to join us, in bettering our communities.


Vittorio Di Lena
Knights of Columbus (Quebec)
Regional Director – Region 17 Ville-Marie


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