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The benefits and advantages of being a card carrying member
in good standing

Your timely renewal of your membership card means savings through related benefits.


Knights of Columbus benefits

In the event of the accidental death

Within ninety (90) days of the death of a member or his spouse, due to accidental injuries covered in the insurance policy, the Knights of Columbus will pay a lump sum amount of from $1,000 to $2,500, in accordance with policy provisions.

Family Fraternal Benefits:

a) Life insurance premiums: For a non-insurable newborn or subject to an increased premium : A $5,000, 20 year pay life insurance is available. If newborn insurance is applied for before 61 days from birth: Regular premium to 18 years old applies. For a mentally retarded child otherwise in good health: A $5,000 life insurance policy is available, upon payment of an increased premium. From 3 to 18 years old: Regular premiums apply.
b) Sums payable upon death: $1,500 will be paid to the estate before 61 days from birth; $750 when the unborn child dies within 20 weeks from conception.

Avantages fraternels

Benefit payment per child of: $80 monthly to 19 years old; to 23 years old in specific cases.

Scholarship funds

Up to $1750/annum ($7000 maximum for 4 years)
The Knights of Columbus benefits are subject to certain restrictions.

PRO DEO and PRO PATRIA of Canada scholarship fund


The following rules apply to scholarship grants under the Pro Deo and Pro Patria of Canada program:

  • To be eligible for a Pro Deo and Pro Patria Knights of Columbus of Canada scholarship, the applicant must be a member in good standing of a Canadian Knights of Columbus Council, or be the son or daughter of such a member or of a deceased member in good standing at time of death. Status must be confirmed from the files of the local Council or from those of the Supreme Council.
  • All applicants to a Pro Deo and Pro Patria Canadian scholarship must have formally enrolled in a first year program leading to a bachelor’s degree in a Canadian university.
  • An official marks transcript from high school or CEGEP, including a transcript of the first session from the university, must be submitted to the Director of Scholarship Aid.
  • A referral letter from a teacher, career counselor or the director of the learning institution of the candidate must be included with the application.
  • A curriculum, including academic objectives, family background and extracurricular school activities, including awards, other interests and employers must also be submitted with the application.
  • Scholarship payment will be made directly to the university or college in Canada where the candidate is formally enrolled. A certified copy confirming acceptance of the scholarship shall be received from the applicant by the Scholarship Trustees Board before payment is made.
  • The Trustees decision will be final. The recipients selected will be advised by July 1st at the latest. Their names will be published in COLUMBIA magazine.
  • Scholarship grants will be based on academic achievement. The amount granted will be determined based on tuition fees of the university selected. The maximum annual amount is $1,500. Scholarships are granted for a one year term and are renewable each school year for a maximum of four (4) years, provided marks are satisfactory, at the discretion of the Scholarship Trustees Board.
  • Closing application date, including member status confirmation by the Financial Secretary, and documents filing, as described in sections 3, 4 and 5 above, is May 1st. Documents submitted with the application will not be returned.

Submit all correspondence to:

Director of Scholarship Aid
Knights of Columbus
P.O. Box 1670
New Haven, Connecticut 06507-0901

NB: Application forms can be ordered from the Supplies Department or State Council office.

The following discounts are available, when your card membership is in good standing.


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Knights of Columbus Fraternal Insurance

Reliable – Solid – Fruitful

A vision

Our Founder, Father Michael McGivney, had the vision of a society of Catholic men, joined together for mutual assistance, prepared to help in times of need and to bring spiritual help and material support to families in mourning.

Father McGivney had this vision for a very long time because as a parish priest he had visited many homes and had a clear idea of their needs.

Father Michael McGivney was a man of action; he decided to give substance to his ideas by calling together the men of his parish (St. Mary's). At that meeting, our Order was founded.

In founding the Order, Father McGivney had no intention of establishing a commercial insurance company, but rather to create a means whereby the security of its family-members would be assured.

Today, the story is well known. His vision has become a reality.

A Reality

As a fraternal insurance company (mutual insurance company), the Knights of Columbus maintain, for the protection of its members, an insurance program sufficiently comprehensive and flexible, that can respond to practically any need.

The Knights of Columbus insurance program is intended solely for the benefit of its members and their families. It offers a wide range of insurance policies, comparable to those offered elsewhere - and at a competitive price.

With more than $43 billion of insurance in force and assets of $8.6 billion, the insurance program has all the financial muscle and organizational structure to recruit new members and to ensure the loyalty and involvement of those who are already members of the Order. Throughout the Order, the insurance and its fraternal character make for a well-oiled team.

Every Knight and the members of his family (wives and children) may avail themselves of the products mentioned below.

The Products

You are a member of the Knights of Columbus and are proud of it.

Ensure the security of your family through one or more of the following products:

  • Whole life (members and families)
  • Family income protection (in the event of death of a member or his wife)
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Children's Insurance
  • Annuities (registered or non-registered)
  • Temporary Insurance
  • Needs Analysis
  • The Discoverer
  • New Member Insurance
  • Family Assistance after a Death
  • Dual Life
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