Columbianism Life

The Columbian Order, by its very nature, its objectives, its characteristics and its principles, cannot help but make one proud to be associated with such a movement. It has undergone constant and natural evolution. It is for this reason that it has been able, particularly in Quebec, to live on for these many years.


Recruitment has been a constant preoccupation of the Officers of the Order since its founding in Quebec. The movement seeks, by various means, to recruit candidates, to increase its membership and to conserve existing membership.

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Elite Recruitment Club

The Elite Recruitement Club gives prizes to members who achieve - and exceed - their membership goals target.

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Initiation Ceremonies

The stages of The Knights of Columbus Pilgrimage, that the Order has preserved since its foundation, which include the Initiation Ceremonies must encourage a motivation strong enough to develop an apostolate for today's world, hence: the initiation to the Degrees are intended as an original pedagogical method which consists of tests which must be passed, levels to be attained; initiation rites which must deliver one or more messages, deliver lessons and provide a significant experience; initiation to the Degrees draw on a sense of marvel, fascination, belonging, discovery and uncertainty.

It should be noted that a promise of faithfulness and engagement is required of the aspiring member during the Initiation Ceremonies.

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The sponsor is considered to be an usher, a doorway, a godfather, hence the term sponsor. The Order does not deviate from this custom or tradition, so every candidate is always introduced and accompanied, during his first steps in the Movement, by a sponsoring Knight.

Local Councils

The basic elements of the Columbian Movement permit:

  • a Columbian quality of life (programs, activities, works, Christian fellowship and involvement in the community), and active participation of its members;
  • a fraternal quality of life (social and leisure activities).

In the course of a general consultation of the Movement's membership, which tooks place at the level of the State Councils, it was decided to open Council proceedings to the public, in order to enhance the credibility of the Order and to allow it to become a vital part of important community decisions.

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The Columbian magazine, published four times a year, by the Quebec State Council, and the monthly Colombia magazine published by the Supreme Council in New Haven Conn. U.S.A., is designed to be the information pipeline and the method of transmitting the Order's official decisions. It also encourages the maintenance of a sense of belonging to the Order, through members keeping up on various facets of Columbian life. Through their magazines, the Knights of Columbus are informed of the numerous and varied activities taking place that reinforce the four principles of daily life within our movement.

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Columbian Squires (youth)

The objective of the Columbian Squires Groups is to allow young men from 12 to 17 years of age to develop ideals and to form their character through the mentoring of an adult.
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The Fourth Degree

Founded on the principle of Patriotism, the Fourth Degree in the Order is intended to give the Knights of Columbus a more visible profile on certain occasions, through the wearing of the distinctive costume of the Honor Guard. For more information Click here.

A Catholic, family-based and fraternal Movement at the service of the community.

Every movement, whatever it may represent, cannot exist without members devoted to its cause and who believe in their movement and its aims. The Columbian Order draws its strength from each of its Knights, who are always ready to work and to involve themselves in parish, pastoral, community, family, youth and other activities.

  • The Knights of Columbus have a place in church life
  • The Knights of Columbus have a place in the community
  • The Knights of Columbus Insurance has a place in the security of its members
  • Wives have a place in the Order of the Knights of Columbus
  • Families have a place in the Order of the Knights of Columbus
  • The Knights of Columbus have a place in the lives of our youth
  • The Knights of Columbus have a place with the elderly and the handicapped

To be involved, means to involve yourself personally.