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I'm proud to be Knight of Columbus


Message and presentation, Banquet of the District Deputies Organizational meeting 2018-2019

Training meeting to Membership and Programs Regional Directors

Closing message for the District Deputies Organizational meeting 2018-2019


Closing message for the District Deputies Organizational meeting 2018-2019, Sunday, July 8, 2018

Whorthy State Chaplain, Father Daniel Gauvreau, Whorthy Representative of the Supreme Knight and Membership and Program Consultants, Brother Knights Alain Cayer and Brother Knight Claude Saucier, Whorthy Members of the State Executive and Colleague, Whorthy District Deputies, Whorthy Memberships and Programs Regional Directors , officers of the Order, ladies, I am very proud of you all, because you will leave in your regions and in your district to build bridges with your councils and the members of the Knights of Columbus of Quebec in this news the Colombian year 2018 -2019.

Friday, I told you and I want to tell you again that ...

"I'm proud to be a Knight of Columbus"

I would like to thank Supreme Council Representative Brother Knights Alain Cayer and his spouse Sheryl for their presence and support throughout this the District Deputies Organizational meeting. I want to thank you and Claude for your support and the training you gave to District Deputies, which I am sure was greatly appreciated.

I would like to thank our State Chaplain, who, despite the tremendous work he has to do, has been with us since the beginning of the Congress to support and guide us in our spiritual life. Your words are greatly appreciated and inspiring for all of us, thank you Father Daniel Gauvreau. I want to thank Brother Knight Benoit Thibeault, Deacon, who came to inform you about Building the Domestic Church, an important issue for our Supreme Knight Carl Anderson. I also thank Brother Knight Alain Normand, Deacon for his presence and his participation in the Eucharist in each of our Congresses, thank you Alain.

I want to thank Brother Knight Denis Lapointe and his wife Francine for the many hours given to the Knights of Columbus in Quebec. He often told me the number of hours he spent on the phone discussing with you all, well now I understand better the extent of the situation, but I'm sure he did it with pleasure. Like me, Denis has the logo of the Knights of Columbus tattooed on the heart, thank you Denis and Francine and I am sure that everyone joins me to applaud you and say thank you.

Whorthy State Officers, State Director and Provincial Coordinators, thank you for your support and your participation, I am very happy to have a team like all of you to accomplish this task, that of promoting the mission of our founder the Father Michael J. McGivney, where I had the privilege of praying at his tomb at St. Mary's Church in New Haven and asking him to guide us in the mission he has entrusted to us. Each State Officer, came to introduce you and let you know the various files for which they will be responsible.

Whorthy Memberships and Programs Regional's Directors and Whorthy District Deputies, throughout this congress, we have mentioned to you the vital importance of promoting Recruitment and Retention, Training, Meritas and the Campaign. Works your priority and bring the message you have heard from us all to your Councils. We also mentioned the importance of training in your regions, districts and councils. It is essential that all board officers be trained for the position they will occupy to give the best of themselves. When you detect a problematic situation in one of your councils do not hesitate to communicate with your Memberships and Programs Regional Directors and thereafter to the various speakers who will be able to help you. We are fortunate to have two Memberships and Programs Consultants, Brothers Knight Alain Cayer and Claude Saucier, do not hesitate to ask them for training but if you do it directly with them, notify your District Deputy and Memberships and Programs Regional's Directors so that they can advise the surrounding councils to attend.

You had the pleasure of meeting all the speakers who will help you all year long. You have learned what will be the role of your Membership and Programs Regional Director and the role of the District Deputy that they will have in this Colombian year. At present, the role of District Deputies has not changed, we have given it the role that has always belonged to it but that we have changed over the years.

You heard the Memberships State Director for Enrollments, Brother Knight, Léonile Carrier, he introduced his team to the Provincial Retention Coordinator FC Brother Knight, Normand Pelletier and the Provincial Coordinator for Youth, Brother Knight, Éric Comtois. Léonile, mentioned the importance of promoting recruitment and retention. He also mentioned the new recruiting tool we have with the E-Member, this new way of recruiting online where we can reach the young adults where they are. The team of the Memberships State Director for Enrollment is available to help you, do not hesitate.

I thank the Programs Director of State, his unwavering support and his availability to help us with the Power Points, he is our expert, Pierre, thank you for all the work you did for me and before for Denis during the year. Brother Knight, Pierre Pelchat had a big file in hand and moreover he received all the information on the new structure of the programs "Faith in Action" in the last months and he had to do a lot of translation in order to be able to return it to you. Pierre, you mentioned that they will be the new requirements to get the Star Council Award as well as any other Colombian award. He explained to you the changes between serving up and the new structure of Faith in Action programs. He also showed you how to build your local strategic plan that will later become the strategic plan for the Membership and Programs Regional Director. Do not forget Whorthy District Deputies that this local strategic plan is also a tool for you to make a tool for keeping track of your Councils. The Programs State Director is available to help you but it is up to you to ask him.

A new position has been created to help us, Communication Director of State, Brother Knight Pierre Thomas, He will see to help you improve the visibility of your Council by giving the right information and having photos and a clear message and concise. He will be responsible for regional Webmasters to help them in their task, and to better know the activities of their region He will be available to help you with your communications in the media. Pierre, I sincerely wish to thank you for the work of Master of Ceremony that you accomplished brilliantly, thank you.
I would like to thank Brother Knight Jean Claude Ouellet, Jean Claude, assisted by Brother Knight Gilles Champagne, Secretariat staff and Mrs. Karine Delorme for making this District Deputies Organizational meeting a success. I asked Jean-Claude to take care that the congress was mounted in a protocolary manner and at the time especially for the Banquet. thank you on behalf of all. I want to thank Brother Knight Gilles Champagne who, despite the hospitalization of Claire, wanted to help us in the absence of Brother Knight Fernand Rochon who is on rest, thank you Gilles for your help and your warm welcome in the Air of rest of the members of the executive. Once again, Gilles, pass on our sincere quick recovery to Claire from all of us and that our positive thoughts and prayers accompany her in her return.

I thank Sire Knight André Normand and his spouse Monique for their presence and good words. I thank him for all the help he gives us to help our boards perform better. As I often say, a healthy council will do a healthy 4th degree Assembly. It will always be a pleasure for me to work as a team with our Sire Knights for the good of the Colombian Order.

I sincerely wish to thank all the spouses for their presence and their unwavering support for the Women's cause of the Knights of Columbus of Quebec. I also want to thank my wife for her help and support, my love I greatly appreciate and I am eternally grateful. But yes, the Women's Cause of the Knights of Columbus of Quebec is the Pulmonary Association of Quebec.
As Dominique Massie, President of the Quebec Lung Association, mentioned on Friday, the union with the Knights of Columbus and the Association is a winning union for both organizations. We will have great visibility on their website, in the review Reader's Digest. In October, I will have the honor of presenting the scholarships to the various researchers, and the scholarships will bear the name of the Knights of Columbus of Quebec.

I'm proud to be Knight of Columbus
Together build bridges between generations for a better future

Brother Knights, I wish you a wonderful Colombian Year, and may God bless you and your family.

Now, we can say that the year is started, that the work begins.

Vivat Jesus.

Daniel Duchesne
Quebec State Deputy
Daniel Duchesne
July 8, 2018


Definition of the Banner 2018-2019

Whorthy Bishop Ponens Mgr Christian Rodembourg, Whorthy State Chaplain Father Daniel Gauvreau, Whorthy Membership and Programs Consultant, Brother Knight, Alain Cayer and Brother Knight Claude Saucier, Whorthy Members of the State Executive, Whorthy District Deputies, Whorthy Memberships and Programs Regional Directors, Whorthy Officers Order, Ladies, I am very proud to unveil, step by step, the banner that will represent the Knights of Columbus of Quebec for the Colombian year 2018-2019.

Tonight even more I want to tell you that

"I'm proud to be Knight of Columbus"

The tone and the background color

First, I would like to explain the background colors of this banner. There are two tones, the first tone is orange, a warm color representing the Brotherhood of Brother Knights with their warm welcome when we visit them and this is also recognized by their dedication to their priests, their parishes, their community and when they welcome the new brothers Knights in the Colombian Order.

The second tone is rosé, to emphasize the dedication and support of our wives. I want to thank them for their support when we take on a function and their support during Colombian activities. Ladies, on behalf of the Knights of Columbus of Quebec our sincere thanks.

The tree

The next element is the tree, which is the lungs of our planet. In one of Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhortations, he writes that we should protect our environment. Then the tree comes to remind us of this message. It is an opportunity for us brothers Knights to lead by example and promote in our councils the protection of the environment

Brothers Knights, today's young people are very aware of the practice of recycling, composting and many other ways to protect our environment. We have beautiful examples; Flea market, recycling of electronic equipment, collection of old glasses, which are then redistributed in the third world, to name only these activities.

The Tree also means the ramifications created by the work of our Founder Michael J. McGivney with the many Councils and Assemblies founded in the 136 years behind the Colombian Order and the last 120 years in Quebec.

The cross

The cross represents that we are a group of Catholic lay who have an evangelizing mission. Pope Francis asked the priests to take the missionary turn. The Supreme Knight in 2015, introduced "Building the Domestic Church". This year, a new program structure has emerged (Faith in Action). Namely '' Faith, Family, Community, and Life ''.

Our Founder Michael J. McGivney

Our Founder, Father Michael J. McGivney, is at the base of the tree, pointing out that since the founding of the Knights of Columbus, more than 15,000 Councils have been founded in the Knights of Columbus in 136 years of existence. The first council in Canada was founded in 1897 with the 284 Montreal Council. Like the genealogical tree of a large family, our Founder, Father Michael J. McGivney, is at the origin of this work, which was founded to help the widow and the orphan, and to shine the charity.

The Dove

The dove represents the Holy Spirit, so that he will guide us in all our deliberations. It reminds us that we must act with humility and respect towards everyone every day. The dove is also a symbol of peace, so every day we pray for peace in the world, our families and the Colombian family.

The Knights of Columbus logo

The Colombian shield bears three symbolic pieces: The sword, the anchor and the ax of arms which recall the noble and illustrious actions of the founders of the Order.

The sword and the anchor, placed one on the other, form a kind of "X" or cross of St-André. The sword symbolizes honor, distinction, bravery, courage.

The anchor, an instrument used to dock a ship, represents what attaches, stops, consolidates and stabilizes.

The ax of weapons, placed on a shield, symbolizes the action deployed to overcome the obstacles or pitfalls that clog the road and impede the achievement of the objectives pursued.

The beam (the small columns) is a group of people solidly grouped to achieve a common ideal under the obedience of a recognized leader. It symbolizes teamwork, strength in unity and fraternity.

The helmet, an external ornament placed on the upper part of the shield, marks the rank or degree of nobility. On the armor of a warrior, it is the most noble piece and the main ornament.

The small white triangle, styling the helmet and turned up, symbolizes the flame that illuminates and guides. Our logo also represents our four principles; Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.

The family, which represents all generations

This image of the family represents the majority of families in Quebec. They were yesterday the founding members of our Councils, they are now the officers of our Councils and children are the future of the Knights of Columbus of Quebec. Today it is for them that we will work for a better future.

The bridge

The bridge, present in the background of the banner, is to emphasize that to advance or cross obstacles we must build bridges. One day, Bishop Simard told us this sentence which became for me my way of acting and living: "build bridges and not walls". So let's build bridges between the generations, the nations, the new migrants who come to us, help them to integrate.

To build bridges is also to learn to know each other, to love, to forgive and to radiate love, peace and justice for all, who are of our principles charity and fraternity.

The bridge is one of our principles Unity

The dream catcher

Many of you are wondering, what is a dream catcher doing? the dream catcher highlights the welcome given by First Nations when our ancestors arrived in Canada, especially in Quebec. My Brothers of the First Nations, we thank you for having welcomed our ancestors because yesterday as today, you continue to radiate Charity.

Our four principles are not only words, but also our way of life. So my brothers Knights, build bridges between generations for a better future.

Unveiling the banner

I'm proud to be Knight of Columbus

Together build bridges Between generations For a better future

Brother Knights, I wish you a wonderful Colombian Year, and may God bless you and your family.
Vivat Jesus.

Have a Good District Deputies Organizational meeting!

Daniel Duchesne
Daniel Duchesne
Quebec State Deputy


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